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Veneers – Franklin Park, IL

Giving Your Teeth an Updated Look

Customized veneers in Franklin Park are becoming increasingly popular among the general public. As society places more emphasis on appearances, especially as a result of social media, cosmetic dental treatments are regularly sought out by teens, young adults, and busy professionals. At Grand Dental – Franklin Park, our team will be happy to sit down with you to discuss your eligibility and how we can take your smile to the next level, giving your teeth an updated look that will last year after year. Call us today to schedule an appointment and learn more.

Why Choose Grand Dental – Franklin Park for Veneers?

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers in Franklin Park

Dental veneers are unique coverings that do more than just hide imperfections. They portray what a uniform, balanced, and beautiful smile can look like. Placed over the front surfaces of teeth, they are versatile in their ability to cover all types of flaws, some of which include stains, chips, and even minor gaps.

Veneers require two dental visits because the teeth must be prepped before the customized restorations are put into place. Since a small bit of tooth enamel must be removed, they are deemed a permanent cosmetic treatment, but they do require replacement after 10-15 years.

The Process of Getting Veneers

Woman with small gap in Franklin Park

From beginning to end, you can expect to watch your smile fully transform in just two appointments. Once you’re given the green light to pursue veneers, our team will begin by removing a small bit of tooth enamel from each tooth undergoing veneer placement. This will help the bonding agent to keep the veneer held against the tooth.

After taking impressions of your smile and fitting you with temporary veneers, lab technicians will receive the model and begin to fabricate your new teeth. While waiting for your finalized veneers to be created, you can enjoy your temporaries, giving you a sneak peek into what your new smile will look like.

When ready, you’ll return to our office to have your temporaries removed and your final veneers put into place.

The Benefits of Veneers

Woman with polished veneers in Franklin Park

No matter if you’re looking to hide a cracked or chipped tooth or simply create a more balanced smile, numerous benefits come with dental veneers, such as:

Understanding the Cost of Veneers

Woman after cost of veneers in Franklin Park

Are you looking to overhaul your smile with dental veneers? As a popular cosmetic dental treatment, it is often viewed as the ideal solution to a healthier, more vibrant smile. But what do you know about the cost of veneers in Franklin Park? The only way to know how much these custom restorations will cost is to see a cosmetic dentist for a consultation. If you decide that this type of commitment and transformation is what you desire, let us provide you with a full estimate so that you can start preparing for your new smile.

Cost vs. Cosmetic Dentistry: What’s Right for Me?

Veneers in Franklin Park: What’s Right for Me

At Grand Dental-Franklin Park, we offer various forms of cosmetic treatment, each capable of changing your smile for the better. Although they have different price points, we advise you to review the following options to determine if veneers are truly the path you want to take to enhance your appearance:

  • Veneers: Covering imperfections and changing the size, shape, and color of your teeth is exactly what veneers can do for you. Taking two appointments, these thin sheath coverings fit over the surfaces of treated teeth to fully transform your look. But you can expect the cost to rise the more teeth you choose to have treated.
  • Metal-Free Dental Restorations: When attempting to conceal flaws, you have the option to choose metal-free dental restorations. Highly effective and capable of changing the shade and shape of the tooth, it can become costly depending on how many teeth you need to cover.
  • Cosmetic Dental Bonding: Using composite resin, the same material used for tooth-colored fillings, we can apply this mixture to the front of teeth to hide imperfections. Completed in just one appointment, it is reversible (unlike veneers) but only lasts several years instead of a decade or more.
  • Teeth Whitening: Teeth whitening is highly effective if you want to eliminate stains and discoloration, but it cannot change the size or shape of your teeth. You’ll need to determine what you truly desire from a new smile, as teeth whitening is affordable and capable of brightening your teeth in very little time.
  • Gum Recontouring: Unlike other cosmetic treatments that focus only on teeth, gum recontouring involves removing excess gum tissue from around the teeth. This permanent procedure is costly, but it doesn’t require touch-ups in the future.

How to Make Veneers Affordable

Dentist discussing veneers in Franklin Park

It is a well-known fact that most dental insurance companies will not pay for cosmetic treatment. Instead, you will be required to turn to alternative methods of payment. At Grand Dental – Franklin Park, we partner with CareCredit to offer flexible financing as well as provide patients with our in-house membership plan.

You can either choose to pay for your treatment over time with CareCredit or receive a valuable discount on cosmetic services through our membership program. A member of our team will be happy to discuss these options with you.

Veneers FAQs

Woman with veneers in Franklin Park

Now that you are more familiar with veneers and how they work, you may find that you are eager to begin your own journey toward a fully transformed smile. But before you take the next step, the team at Grand Dental – Franklin Park wants you to know that it is normal to still have questions about the process and what life will be like once these restorations are firmly in place. To help you navigate the finer details concerning veneers, review the information below and call us with any additional questions.

Is there anything I can’t eat with veneers?

There are two phases of veneer treatment – wearing temporaries and wearing finalized veneers. While waiting for your permanent teeth to be created, you’ll need to be mindful when eating certain hard foods. It’s best to avoid ice, hard candy, and raw fruits and vegetables. You’ll also want to stay away from anything chewy or sticky, as it can cause your temporary veneers to pull away, and dark-colored beverages can easily stain them.

Once your permanent veneers are in place, you can begin to eat normally, but you’ll want to minimize and/or avoid your exposure to hard or crunchy foods and most dark-colored beverages. You may find that your teeth are slightly sensitive after receiving your veneers, but this will only last a short time.

Also, drink alcohol in moderation, as the contents can weaken the bonding agent that holds your permanent veneers in place.

Do veneers give you a lisp?

It is not uncommon to experience some difficulty speaking after having your veneers put in place. A temporary lisp may form as your lips, tongue, and palate become accustomed to your new teeth. Because there is additional space being taken up by your veneers, your tongue must adjust to them as it moves.

Most likely, you’ll notice the lisp when making “s” or “v” sounds; however, this will clean up the more you practice pronouncing certain words and phrases.

How many veneers will I need?

The only way to determine how many veneers you will need is to meet with your cosmetic dentist in Franklin Park. The idea is that your veneers and natural teeth all match. This might mean that you get anywhere between six and eight teeth treated or 10 to 12. You simply want to maintain a vibrant, symmetrical appearance.

However, do not be alarmed if you only prefer to have one or a few teeth covered with veneers, especially if it is to hide cracked to chipped teeth.

Do veneers change your face?

You can expect that the addition of veneers will offer extra support for your mouth as well as accentuate your cheekbones. As you age, it is possible to lose elasticity and muscle tone in and around your mouth, so the added support of veneers can be helpful in maintaining a more youthful appearance. When meeting with a member of our dental team, the two of you can discuss how veneers will help boost your overall appearance in the long run.