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Children's Dentistry – Franklin Park, IL

Specialized Care That’s Just for Children

Our Franklin Park dental office is uniquely positioned to treat and look after growing smiles. Whether your child is an infant, toddler, or teen, we offer several kid-friendly services that can help them keep their pearly whites healthy, all the way into adulthood. Our team has ample experience treating children, so as a parent, you can rest-assured that their oral health is in safe and capable hands with children's dentistry from our Franklin Park, IL dental team.

Why Choose Grand Dental – Franklin Park for Children's Dentistry?

Children’s Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

At Grand Dental in Franklin Park, we understand just how much of an impact your child’s early visits with their dentist can have on their oral health down the road. That’s why we always aim to make each of their checkups and cleanings educational, fun, and comfortable. We’ll begin by thoroughly cleaning their teeth of any plaque and tartar buildup. Then, we’ll take X-rays of their mouth and conduct a thorough examination of their teeth and gums to make sure that their smile is healthy and developing properly. If we spot any issues, we’ll discuss them with you and talk about treatment plans to get their oral health back on the right track.

Age One Dental Visit

Little boy in dental chair with dentist

Waiting too long to take your child to the dentist could increase the risk of cavities forming on their baby teeth. If you want your child’s experiences with oral health care to get off on the right foot, then it’s highly recommended that you set up an appointment by their first birthday – or at the very least, no later than six months after their first baby teeth erupt. As we examine your little one’s smile, we’ll go over some issues that every parent should be aware of, such as the best oral hygiene practices and potential developmental problems.

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Dental Sealants

Patient smiling after dental sealant treatment

Cavities are the most common oral health problem among children because they’re still learning how to properly brush and floss their teeth. To help keep plaque from building up in the grooves of their molars and protect them from decay, we can apply dental sealants. This treatment is simple, painless, and can make sure that your child’s smile stays cavity-free for years on end.

Fluoride Treatment

Patient receiving fluoride treatment

Fluoride is a mineral that’s naturally produced by rocks and can be found in a variety of items, like local water sources, oral hygiene products, and even fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s responsible for strengthening your child’s enamel and protecting their smile from cavities. If we notice that they aren’t receiving enough of it, we may suggest fluoride treatments. All we’ll do is place a fluoridated gel on their teeth, so it’s fast and completely painless. 

Athletic Mouthguards

Teen boy with green athletic mouthguard

Does your little one play contact sports that could potentially damaged their smile? We offer customized athletic mouthguards for children and teens to make sure that their jaw, teeth, and facial muscles remain protected during each of their games. Since they’re customized to fit their unique oral structure, our restorations don’t make breathing or speaking difficult.

Frenectomies/Lip & Tongue Tie

Dentist checking baby's smile after frenectomy for lip and tongue tie

Lip and tongue ties are a common issue among infants that impacts their ability to easily latch while breastfeeding and properly digest formula or milk. When the piece of tissue that attaches their lips to their gums or their tongue to the floor of their mouth is overgrown, it can restrict their oral movement. In these situations, we can use our soft tissue laser to quickly and precisely remove the overgrown tissue and allow them to regain the full function of their mouth.

Pulp Therapy

Child in need of pulp therapy holding jaw

Does your child have an unexplainable toothache that’s bothering them? This could be a sign of an infection that requires pulp therapy. To help ease their discomfort and preserve their smile during this key developmental time of their lives, we can remove the damaged portion of their pulp and protect and strengthen the dental structure with a customized crown.

Sedation Dentistry for Children

The dentist’s office is a new and sometimes daunting environment for children, which can make them feel scared or anxious. Our doctors offer sedation dentistry for kids to help them have a more comfortable and relaxing treatment, as well as provide them with a positive experience that doesn’t prevent them from trusting their oral healthcare provider in the future.

Special Needs Dentistry

Child with special needs in Franklin Park

Special accommodations are often required when parents of children with physical, behavioral, developmental, or emotional conditions seek regular dental care. Our team at Grand Dental – Franklin Park is readily accessible should your child need safe, high-quality dentistry in a location that is convenient for you. No matter your child’s condition, we have the knowledge and training to provide an environment that offers safety, security, and comfort while ensuring optimal oral healthcare.

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