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Age One Dental Visit – Franklin Park, IL

Early Care Creates Better Smiles in the Future

What should you do to celebrate your child’s first birthday? You naturally might have a few fun ideas planned, but you may also want to take the opportunity to a dental appointment if they haven’t had one yet. It’s recommended that your child sees the dentist for the first time within six months of getting their first teeth. Here at Grand Dental – Franklin Park, our team of experts will all help make sure your little one stays comfortable during their visit while we discuss their unique needs with you. We can help you set up an appointment for an age one dental visit with our Franklin Park, IL pediatric specialist as well if need be. Reach out to us today to schedule the appointment that could set the lifelong tone for your child’s oral health.

Learn How We Approach Age 1 Visits

Why Choose Grand Dental – Franklin Park for an Age One Dental Visit?

Why Schedule an Age One Dental Visit?

Young child having their teeth examined during age one dental visit in Franklin Park, IL

Some parents make the mistake of waiting until later in life to begin taking their children to the dentist. This can be extremely risky; tooth decay affects more than 50% of children who still have their baby teeth, and the odds of finding one during the first appointment only increases the longer you put it off. If their teeth are poking above the gums, then bacteria, acids, and other substances that can damage or break down tooth enamel to get to them. But if we’re able to examine the mouth early on, we can identify potential risk factors and intervene before any permanent damage is done. Both the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend setting up an appointment no later than six months after the first tooth appears.

What Happens During an Age One Dental Visit?

Boy with teddy bear in dental chair for age one dental visit

Naturally, this appointment will involve an examination of the teeth and other oral structures along with a gentle cleaning. Since the experience will be new to your child, we’ll take some time to help them get used to the dental office and the various sights and sounds that are typically associated with dental care. This will also be your chance to learn more about cleaning and protecting your child’s smile at home. We can discuss oral cleaning, diet changes, developmental issues, and other things that every parent should be aware of.

What are the Benefits of Early Dental Care?

Young girl visiting dentist with father brushing her teeth

Beginning dental appointments early lowers the risk that your child will develop cavities or other painful oral health issues later in life. The chances of a dental emergency (which can wreak havoc on your child’s school life) will also go down. Some families are concerned about the cost of dental care, but the truth is that you’ll typically save more money by preventing problems from occurring at all instead of waiting until you have no choice but to seek complex forms of treatment.

Learn About The Benefits of Early Dental Care

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